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Advan Group’s story begins with the opening of our first brand, Advan Jewelry, in 2006, an early milestone in our company’s history. Advan is a diamond and gemstone gold jewelry manufacturing company based in Hong Kong, China. Our team of professionals led by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Benny Ho, are unceasingly propelling the company to the pinnacle of the field. Over the past decade, Advan Group has remained faithful to its core value, expressed simply in two key words that define all our brands: “Pursue Perfection”.

Our company operates with a very unique kind of business model. We pride ourselves on investing heavily in design research and analysis. Moreover, what sets us apart is the key strategic business plans we offer to help our customers to stand out from their market. Our branding and licensing program effectively elevates our customers’ businesses and evolve their companies into standouts.


Advan manufactures and exports jewelries to countries all over the world. Having the highest professionalism in the jewelry manufacturing field, we have built an astounding network of customers across the globe in over 40 countries as long-term contracted jewelry vender of major chain stores and wholesalers in America, Europe, Asia as well as South Africa. In order to assist our customers comprehensively, we also have designated sales teams regularly travel to customers’ market to provide our exclusive design service and sales and marketing support. Advan has been expanding by setting up different branches around the globe; until this moment, the number of staff all over the world has reached 400 and growing.


Following the success of Advan, leveraging years of experience and reputation we proudly earned in the industry, Element Jewelry targeting high-end fine jewelry and AVS focusing on 925 silver jewelry under the Advan Group have been founded and expanding.



Advan’s vision aims to succeed internationally, to uphold a reputation among the industry and to build a positive business relation with our customers. We believe long-term growth can only be driven by quality and responsible behavior.


  1. Pursue Perfection
    From design to craftsmanship, we pursue only perfection

  2. Comprehensiveness
    Provides fully marketing design and technical support to assist our customers to expand the business without searching elsewhere

  3. Persistence
    Persistence drives us to move forward even in the downside of the business cycle

  4. Innovation
    Keep track of the global market trend and be the leading jewelry service provider in the industry

  5. Stability
    Undertake a series of comprehensive plans to help the company growth and maintain a positive business relationship with our global customer

  6. Integrity
    We believe finding the right person for the right job is the virtue of a harmonious and positive workplace


Advan Jewelry Limited Charity Program

Advan is committed to lend a helping hand to our community. As we believe that the companies in today’s society should go beyond the basics of ethical business practices and embrace the responsibility to the people in need. Critical human needs are our main target in the company’s corporate social responsibility.

In 2014, we addressed the needs of the poor and became a World Vision Partner to raise funds for providing appropriate assistance and support to the forgotten people of our world. We are glad to be the first-ever jewelry manufacturer in Hong Kong to give our helping hand to the world by supporting the World Vision.




Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association



Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association



Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce



Responsible Jewellery Council

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