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1. Manufacturing

Our state-of-art factory is fully operating in the city known for producing jewelry world-wide, Panyu, China.

  • Diversified operations with a well-developed management system.

  • Combining the latest technologies and machineries to increase efficiency, productivity and quality assurance.

  • Experienced manufacturing skills along with professional experts controlling production standards.

  • Every finished piece has to go through a series of examination standards. Our quality control department is focused on fulfilling quality requirements to ensure that product quality is maintained.

2. Worldwide Sales & 
     Marketing Support

We understand the importance of a constants sales and marketing support is the key to strengthen our partnership with customers, Advan assigns corresponding sales teams travel regularly to designated markets to provide sales support.

  • Each market / region is responsible by a specified sales team

  • Regularly present latest design sample to overseas customers

  • Face-to-face meeting between customer and Advan’s exclusive design unit to brainstorm the upcoming exclusive design concepts

3. Branding and Licensing

  • Element Jewelry
    Specialize in high-end jewelry for high spending professionals

  • AVS Silver
    Specialize in 925 silver market


  • Music Theater
    Exquisite silver jewelry​

4. Design and Trend Analysis

Advan’s design team works relentlessly at mastering the global fashion flow, the team partners closely with customers to create designs according to their specifications and to assist them in their ideas to turn them into finished products. We understand the importance of our customers’ vision, and we work hard on bringing their vision to life.

  • Various design teams targeting jewelry trends in specific markets

  • Comprehensive trend research in 6 aspects:
    1) Online Research   2) Magazine    3) Global Exhibitions
    4) Clients’ opinions   5) Salesmen feedbacks   6) Re-ordering analysis

  • Exclusive design unit (EDU) that provides one-on-one service, regular product meetings, professional supports from concept development to trend and marketing analysis

  • Market trend orientated analysis that brings in more successful business for our customers

5. Strategic Business Planning

Advan provides a series of tailor-made strategic plans for our worldwide jewelry business partners, aiming to increase the market share efficiently and to reach an ultimate success of mutual benefit.

Regional Exclusive Design Program

We understand innovative and modern designs along with quality craftsmanship are important elements for a jewelry manufacturer.

  • From sketch to finished good, we will protect the design with highest security to ensure our customers receive the highest benefits and results

  • We 100% ensure the designs will not be shown and sold to others and are only exclusive the customer in this program

  • Agreement to protect our customers in this program

  1. Exclusive (Country/Region)
    For wholesale customers and retails customers, we provide exclusive protection by country, designs under this agreement will be sold exclusively this customer within the country or region

  2. Exclusive (Worldwide)
    For chain-store customers, we provide exclusive protection, designs under this agreement will be sold solely to the company

Trend Analysis and Forecast Program

It is important to forecast the trend for upcoming season especially for contemporary jewelry. Advan has a professional Trend Analysis & Forecast Team that conducts research on future trend prediction for different markets. Our sales teams will prepare new designs and concepts to meet with our overseas customers every two months.

Branding Development Program

Branding is the core of a company’s identity – from its name and logo to every piece of marketing material. Developing a brand is the next step for a successful company especially on social media.


Our program includes: From initial idea of designing company logo to applying for copyright, and releasing to the public.


  • Brand Retailing Program – China Market
    Retail development in China offers beneficial economic opportunities for foreign companies who are interested in exploiting this extreme fast growing market.
    Combining the practical experience of foreign retail professionals and qualified Chinese retail specialists, Advan is capable of assisting both Western and Eastern companies to feat the expanding retail territory of the modern China.

E-commerce Support

The global e-commerce sales continue to increase, driven by strong consumer demand. Advan provides extraordinary support from the instant your online retails business goes live. We provide a wide range of personalized end-to-end e-commerce services including market analysis, website building, product HD photos, advertisement creation, marketing materials, stock keep and after-sales services.

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